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January 26, 2016


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7th Annual Diamond Classic in 2013
Catch & Release Sturgeon Derby

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Weather was a challenge this year, and the forecast calling for wind 15-20 mph was likely responsible for a small reduction in adult entries to 367.  However, the Kid's Division saw a big increase in entries with a total of 101 entries. Click here to view all 2013 Winners and click here to view all winners and stats  2007 - 2013.

Wind made for challenging fishing and mostly the water temp which was 47˚ at Port Chicago on Derby day made the finicky Sturgeon even more uncooperative. Legal-sized Sturgeon caught and released this Derby totaled 20 this year compared to 42 last year.  There were also six oversized Sturgeon caught, three of which were caught by Kid's Division anglers.

With 368 entries at $25, this year's purse totaled $9,175.00, all of which went back to the winners (1st through 7th places). The 1st place winner was Ross Buller of Rodeo, who caught  and released a 45" Sturgeon.  Ross took home a cool $3,211.25, and a first place laser-cut marble trophy created and donated by Captain Sean Treacy of SF Bay Sportfishing.

  Click photo to enlarge

The 2nd place winner was Fred Hammond of Stockton (photo below), whose prize totaled $2,293.75.  3rd Place went to Dan Roos of Vallejo (photo below) who took home $1,835.00.  Both Fred and Dan also received trophies as well. The last four places each took home $458.75:  Dave Shimamoto of Grass Valley (4th); Kevin Silva of Vacaville (5th); Adam Benoit of Vacaville (6th); and Jason Russey of Richmond Captain of Longfin Sportfishing (7th).  Click photos to enlarge!

Click photo to enlarge   Click photo to enlarge   2013 Winners - click photo to enlarge

We had a great group of kids again this year from ages 3 to 15. A total of 101 kids were entered (for free) in the Derby, up from 76 last year, a 33% increase!  In order to win a prize, all kids had to do was catch a fish, any species, any size!  Their catch earned them a ticket for the top prize drawing.  Many of the kids actually caught Sturgeon, and three caught oversized Sturgeon! 

This year we added "Pier Fishing" for the Kid's Division. We had 8 kids fishing from Martinez Pier this year. And, 4th place winner in the drawing, Marcel Jones, fished from the pier.  For kids who couldn't otherwise fish in the Derby, two of the Captains donated their boats to take kids (and their parents) out to fish for FREE:  Captain Steve Talmadge (Flash Fishing) and Captain Don Franklin (Soleman Sportfishing).

The awards for kids started with a drawing.  Each kid who caught and released a fish (any size/species) received a ticket for the drawing.  20 names were drawn and each of these kids received a top prize (which included custom fishing rods, an accurate reel, and rod/reel combos. All 101 kids took home a special "Kid's Division Super Star" derby T-Shirt, donated by Coastside Fishing Club. The anticipation on their faces as they awaited the call of their number was priceless, as was the pride and admiration on the faces of parents. Photo below with twelve of the top winners is courtesy of Scott Strain (www.rodmob.com). Click photo to enlarge!

Click photo to enlarge

1st place winner in the Kid's Division this year was Russell Houck (age 9).  Russell not only took home a custom fishing rod, but also a 1st place trophy. 2nd place went to Alisha McCullen (age 12). 3rd place went to Hunter Kane (age 6). 4th place went to Marcel Jones (age 11) who fished from the pier.  5th place went to Cody Niford (age 12). 6th place went to Bryce Pons (age 10). Click photos to enlarge!

Click photo to enlarge   Click photo to enlarge   Click photo to enlarge
Click photo to enlarge   Click photo to enlarge   Click photo to enlarge

Following the drawing of tickets, Captain Steve Talmadge called up all the kids who had caught and released a fish (any size/species).  All of these kids received a prize and special Derby shirt. Then, the few kids who hadn't caught a fish were called up and received a prize and shirt. So, thanks to the generosity of our many sponsors, supplemented by raffle ticket proceeds, every kid went home with a prize and a Derby Shirt!  Truly a special event, sure to become a lasting memory for all concerned. 


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VIDEO  Diamond Classic 2013 from Scott Strain (RodMob.com)

Scott Strain (RodMob.com) who took photos at the Derby, also took some video.  He put together the video footage he captured while taking photos at the derby and made a little video, below.  Enjoy and thank you Scott!


VIDEO:  Diamond Classic 2013 from Mark Peters on Vimeo.

"2013 Diamond Classic Sturgeon Derby. Catch and release of sturgeon in San Francisco bay. Big fish caught and released by John Hise (Eldest son of James), aboard my boat, "Alegria" this weekend in January."  John caught this oversized fish on the custom rod he won when he took first place in the Kid's Division in the 2011 Derby!



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