February 4, 2023

7:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Fishing License & Sturgeon Report Card


ADULTS:  You MUST get your Fishing License and Sturgeon Report Card BEFORE Derby Day!  The Bait Shops will have hundreds of people in line to buy bait.  They will NOT be able to provide Fishing Licenses or Sturgeon Cards on Derby Day.  Do NOT expect to get a Fishing License or Sturgeon Report Card at any of the bait shops on Derby Day

KIDS:  The Kid's Division of the Derby is, "KIDS CATCH AND RELEASE ANY FISH DERBY" and the idea is for kids to have fun fishing.  To be entered in the drawing they only need to catch and release any fish (Bass, Flounder, Kingfish, Bullhead, whatever).  If you will have children (under 16) fishing with you, they  do NOT need a Fishing License.  Because they are targeting other species  (any fish) AND must release any fish they catch, they do NOT need to get a Sturgeon Report Card.

Download DFG Regs

Kids "Catch & Release Any Fish Derby"

Kids Division Rules (age 3 - 15)

The spirit of the Youth Division is to instill good sportsmanship, teach the preservation of our fishing environment, and promote the stewardship of all species of fish. 

Download Kids Rules

A.  General

All fishing and boating rules will be observed.  Any violation to the rules will result in an automatic disqualification.  Misbehavior by child or accompanying adult(s) will also result in an automatic disqualification.


Any child age 3 to 15 can enter for free.


One rod per child.


Any  child entering the derby must be checked-in at:

  i -


 ii -

Fishermen's Bait and Tackle


The child's rod must be tagged during the check-in process 


The tag must remain on the rod throughout the entire Derby.


Only fish landed with the tagged rod can be submitted for a drawing ticket.


We have lots of prizes.  Only one prize will be awarded per child.


More than 1 fish may be submitted for a derby prize ticket.


Youth Division participants do not have to fish the entire derby, but must be present at the award ceremony to accept any prize


If a youth angler hooks up a sturgeon they will have to show proof of a Sturgeon Report Card to a derby official, regardless of age or platform where the sturgeon was hooked and reeled in. But the sturgeon must be released to enter the drawing.


Furthermore, if the youth angler harvests a legal sturgeon (between 40" and 60" from nose to fork in tail), the angler may continue to fish other species but will not receive a ticket for the harvested sturgeon.


Youth anglers that catch & release any fish will receive a ticket for every fish they release.

B.  Boating


Children in boats must maintain the use of a PFD. Automatic disqualification for children & adults in a boat that violate this rule.


As soon as a fish is hooked up call for a weigh master to verify the child catching his or her fish. If you have trouble hailing a weigh master on channel 68, call:

Captain Steve Talmadge  510 851-2500

Lyle Shore 925 408 6086

C.  Martinez Pier


Children must be accompanied by an adult or guardian, 16 years old or older.


As soon as a fish is hooked up, hail for a pier official to verify the child catching his or her fish. Multiple pier officials will be stationed on the pier.


Per 2023 DFG Regulations, no snares nor gaffs will be allowed for Sturgeon. Multiple pier nets will be stationed on the pier for the derby use. *If the accompanying adult/guardian  is reluctant to use the pier net, a pier official will be able to assist.

       David Shigematsu, Pier Director

Adult Division Rules

All applicants must register individually and all persons on boat must be registered in Derby.
Register at one of the two official locations only (in person):


Derby will begin at 7:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 pm. Saturday 02/04/2023

Weigh in on the water

Boaters Only – Rain or Shine

Boundaries:   Grizzly Bay, east of Suisun Bay, Honker Bay to Winter Island.

Call Lyle Shore (925) 408-6086 for Zone and weighmaster.

Entrants must have proof of paid $25.00 entry ticket stub, valid Fishing License and Sturgeon Report Card at weigh-in to be eligible for prizes.

We will have a water weigh master.  You must call him on channel 68.  At the time you hook a fish, he will come to your location, measure, photo and  observe the release of the fish.  You may continue to fish and may have multiple entries.  The fish must be between 40” and  60” (from nose to fork in tail) to be entered in Derby Drawing.  Multiple fish may be entered, but only one prize per person.

Names for winning fish will be drawn at 5:30 p.m.

Violation of CA Fish & Game or Derby Rules/Regulations will disqualify entire boat.  Individuals participating in derby do so at their own risk.  Martinez Bait & Tackle, Flash Sport Fishing and their sponsors assume no responsibility for personal injury, loss or damage to personal or other property and equipment deemed lost or damaged by contestant and their guests.

Download Rules & Entry Form


Download Procedure & Form

Procedure to Follow to Enter a Fish into Derby Drawing

We are trying to prevent any damage to any Sturgeon that is going to be released:

  • IMMEDIATELY upon hooking a sturgeon call a weighmaster on VHF Channel 68 or the weighmaster’s manager (Command Central) by cell phone,

  • Lyle Shore (925) 408-6086

  • That way we may have a weigh-in vessel dispatched to your location to witness landing and measurement of fish AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

  • Only legal slot fish that have been released can be entered in the Derby drawing.

  • It’s better to call for a weigh-in vessel even if you’re not sure of the fish’s size.  Our goal is to measure the fish in the water and to do an “in-the-water” release.

  • If the sturgeon is outside of the legal slot size of 40–60” (from nose to fork in tail), the fish must be released and it will not be entered in to Derby drawing.  Only legal slot sized sturgeon that have been released can be entered in the Derby prize drawing.


Download Procedure & Form

Prizes - Adult Division

Prizes will be determined as follows:

1 One name will be drawn for each place (only one prize per person).
2 In the event that there are not enough fish caught to award all prizes, ticket stubs will be drawn at random to award all remaining prizes in order.
1st Place = 35%

of all entry fees

2nd Place = 25% of all entry fees
3rd Place = 20% of all entry fees
4th Place = 5% of all entry fees
5th Place = 5% of all entry fees

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